We offer the following products direct from our partner factories in and out of the EU; denatured ethanol , undenatured ethanol , Isopropyl Alcohol 70-99% & Alcohol Santising Gels

Denatured Ethanol/Alcohol (IDA, TSDA, DEB, CDA) 96-99%

Industrial denatured alcohol (IDA) and trade specific denatured alcohol (TSDA) DEB 96/100 or EU CDA 96% are types of ethanol that contain additional substances which render the product undrinkable. IDA’s can be sometimes referred to as Industrial Methylated Spirits [IMS].

Uses: In industrial applications, denatured alcohol is used in printing inks, resins, dyes and detergents, as well as being utilised as a solvent for fuel burning.It is also widely used in cosmetics, perfumes, and pharmaceuticals.

With your requirements in mind we supply or purchase denatured ethanol sourcing from a global network of quality assured producers in and out of the EU.Supply delivered in either IBCs, isotankers, barrel tankers road or ship.Minimum order quantities apply.

Undenatured Ethanol/Alcohol/ Grain Neutral Spirits

Neutral spirits can be produced from grains, corn, grapes, sugar beets, sugarcane, tubers, or other fermented plant materials. In particular, large quantities of neutral alcohol are distilled from wine. A product made from grain is “grain neutral spirit”, while a spirit made from grapes is commonly called vinous alcohol. These terms are commonly abbreviated as either GNS or NGS ( Neutral Grain Spirit)

Neutral spirits are used in the production of blended whiskey, vodka, cut brandy, some liqueurs, and some bitters. Also used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications.

With your requirements in mind we supply or purchase undenatured ethanol for uses in the alcoholic beverage industry, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Supply delivered in either IBCs, isotanks, Barrel Tankers, road or ship.Minimum order quantities apply.

Isopropyl Alcohol 70%-99%

70% Isopropyl Alcohol
Between the concentrations of 60% and 90% Isopropyl alcohol is a very effective agent against microbial bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Higher concentrations don’t generate a much more desirable effectiveness against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Predominately used disinfectant and sanitising product manufacturing industries.

99% Isopropyl Alcohol
Commonly used as a solvent in paint industries or cleaning agent for industries that produce products that are sensitive to water. Hence, it makes sense to use a hydrophobic solvent.
It also has a very low flash point and hence, evaporates rapidly.
This is useful in computer and electronics manufacturing industries that prefer immediate evaporation of cleaning agents for their work.

With your requirements in mind we supply or purchase different grades of IPA specific to their intended use. Supply delivered in either Drums, IBCs or Tankers, road or ship.Minimum order quantities apply.

70% with Aloe Extract CE/FDA, EU 80% WHO formula Alcohol Sanitising Gels CE

We offer CE/FDA approved Hand sanitising gels/disinfectant liquids at strengths of 70% alcohol or 80% alcohol WHO formula grades.
Effective against Bacteria and Viruses, we provide retail sizes with Stock Brand or Custom Labels from 100ml , 250ml, 500ml, 5Litre  up to 1000 Litre IBC sizes.

Cost effective, Quick delivery into the UK with Expedient international Supply,  Minimum Orders Apply, Contact us for further information.


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